Fast XP & Bottle Caps Farming Location in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76 you need XP to level up just like in any other RPG. We have found a great spot in Fallout 76 that you can use for farming XP. This XP farming method can also be used to farm caps. Caps are the in-game money that the player uses in Fallout and Fallout 76. Caps are bottle caps. This XP and caps farming method will also get the player lots of .308 rounds and hunting rifles to use the .308 rounds. The hunting rifle is a GREAT early game weapon in the Fallout franchise including Fallout 76.

After you spend 30 minutes following this method, We guarantee that you’ll level up a few times from all the XP you’ll get fighting super mutants in Summersville in Fallout 76. Each super mutant in Summersville in Fallout 76 will give you at least 33 XP or exp. There are a lot of Super Mutants in Summersville in Fallout 76 and they respawn quickly so 33 XP or exp will stack up to 300 XP or exp quick and you’re sure to level up in Fallout 76! You’ll need those levels to be able to use better weapons and armor so other players don’t easily grief you in Fallout 76!

If players are griefing you in Fallout 76 then you’ll lose caps. Caps that you’ll need for buying, trading, and fast traveling across Fallout 76! Replenish your supply of caps in Fallout 76 by using this cap farming method to get bottle caps off of the corpses of the super mutants you kill in Summerville in Fallout 76!

The Sutper Mutants in the town of Summersville in Fallout 76 mostly carry hunting rifles with, 308 rounds! This is a great weapon to have and you’ll need the .308 rounds for the hunting rifles! With the spare rifles you get you can sell them for a few extra caps! OR if you scrap the hunting rifles you get using the fast XP and cap farming method for Fallout 76 you can unlock new crafting recipes for the hunting rifles weapon mods! These weapon mods are specifically for the hunting rifle and will allow you to make a better hunting rifle in Fallout 76!

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